Welcome to Belvedere, a new walkable neighborhood just 2.5 miles from downtown Charlottesville, VA.  Located off Rio Road East (see Map in Info), the community is a mix of EarthCraft-inspired single family homes, townhomes, apartments, and a small commercial center.
The Center at Belvedere opened in 2020. SOCA, the area soccer organization, is currently under construction and is building a fieldhouse and administrative offices.
This community website is for Belvedere homeowners and their renters only. The HOA has a separate portal. Links to websites for The Reserve apartments and the developer are under Other Belvedere Links.
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Nest Property Manager
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Other Belvedere Links
The Center at Belvedere - community center tailored to healthy aging
The Reserve at Belvedere - apartments
SOCA at Belvedere - to be completed by the end of Sept. 2020
Build in Belvedere - Belvedere developer [aerial video of the neighborhood]
Surround Activities

Natural Playscape

Now that the HOA owns the Village Green and the new Facilities & Infrastructure Committee has launched, the natural playscape planned by an ad hoc group of Belvedere moms years ago is closer to becoming a reality. Learn more about Village Green plans here.
Available Upgrades

Historic Bowles Cemetery

In 1788 Amy Bowles Farrow, a free woman of color, bought 224 acres of land that is now Belvedere and some of nearby Dunlora. The area became known as Free State. Read more about Free State and the cemetery where Bowles descendants lie.
Our Community

Community Life

In the past we’ve held potlucks, kids’ events, yard sales, and a family Fall Fest. The Community Life Committee is planning a bigger annual calendar of events. Share your ideas on the Message Board or use Contact Us to join the committee. All are welcome.