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The Belvedere-Charlottesville Google Group is a separate communication platform managed by Belvedere homeowner volunteers, and it lives outside of this website. The email list started at the neighborhood's inception (before this website existed) and has remained a mainstay in the community because of its legacy and high usage. However, we encourage all homeowners to primarily use the Message Board of this site since it is our neighborhood's official digital platform and is under our management, unlike the Google group.
The email list is an informal and quick way to stay connected with the neighborhood. It's good for posting about:
  • Household items to borrow, give away, or sell 
  • Quick help finding lost mail, packages, pets, and personal belongings
  • Sharing personal news (e.g., children, home and school projects, etc.)
To join the email list, please send your request to: Jenny James or Brittney Lichter. Include your full name and Belvedere home address. You will be approved by the list admin and receive a welcome email.
Belvedere Google Group Guidelines 
  1. HOA business is NOT handled through the Belvedere-Charlottesville Google Group.  All HOA business should be directed to the BlueSky Property Management Belvedere portal or contact John at BlueSky. The HOA Board and Management company will not engage in HOA-related discussions in the Google Group forum. 
  2. All messages should be about events, opportunities, and questions directly related to the Belvedere neighborhood. The list is intended to be a collective source of helpful information and neighborly support, not a debate club.
  3. Ask yourself, “Am I sharing new information that would benefit my neighbors or looking for information that my neighbors could provide?” If yes, great! If not, the list is not the place for your message.
  4. Be brief, to the point, constructive, and civil. Do not criticize or put down individuals or groups, real or hypothetical.
  5. Replies directed to specific Belvedere residents should be sent to their individual email addresses, not the list.
  6. Try to keep message threads on-topic. If you have a different topic that you want to talk about, please start a new post rather than tacking it onto someone else’s previous topic.
  7. Being a subscriber to the private Belvedere Google Group is a privilege, not a right. Honoring that privilege is how we create and maintain a respectful community.
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